Soul Dance with Sacred Cacao




Join Erin and Willow for a Sacred Soul Dance Journey with Sacred Cacao.

What is Soul Dance?

Soul Dance is safe space for conscious, free-form movement. In the lineage of ecstatic dance, it is foranyone who loves or who longs to move, to inhabit their body in a more conscious, aware way. It’s aninvitation into curiosity, into inquiry, into opening to the body’s deep wisdom and innate ability to heal. It can be stress relieving and prayerful; exploratory and joyful; big and small; loud and quiet; fun and surprising; anything your body needs! It utilizes the power of music and our body’s own inclinations towards sensation, pleasure, life and authenticity. It is an experience beyond words, held in the energy of intention and community. It’s open and welcome to all abilities, beliefs and comfort levels—no priorexperience necessary.

What is Sacred Cacao?

We discover how in ceremonial doses, raw cacao is a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love. It’s thought cacao was first used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine as far back as 1900 BC by the ancestors of Central America, the Olmec people, before becoming a ritualistic medicine used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures. One of the main active ingredients that we experience in our physiology during ceremony is Theobromine. Theo-broma literally translates as God-Food, and potentiates the release of dopamine, the ‘pleasure’ hormone. This, alongside phenethylamine, which is known to help relieve stress and depression and which is released in the body during emotional euphoria, create heightened sensation and empathy. Alongside these, the high amount of nutrients in the cacao support and nourish the body, whilst also inducing a detoxifying effect on the liver and kidneys. Due to the euphoria inducing ingredients, the emotional impact can be profound. Everything feels heightened within the physical and emotional body, including your awareness to your deepest sense of self and to your heart. The experience of love and empathy, particularly for yourself, can literally feel as if your heart is opening like a flower. With this, the body can become flooded with the many emotions stored in the heart, some of which can be painful. It is not always an easy experience, and I have seen many tears shed as people peel away old layers of hurt. But as the cacao facilitates a deep sense of self-love, tears are always followed by smiles of deep gratitude. In other moments, the sheer ecstasy felt from the cacao can be described as nothing other than a divine experience.A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart. Because of cacao’s ability to increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra, it aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space. Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set, and the cacao allows you to the insight and awareness to move towards that goal. Willow uses ceremonial grade cacao sourced in Guatemala by a man now internationally known as the Cacao Shaman, who has been working with the medicine and connecting it to the Western world for many years. Keith and his Guatemalan compadre Tat Isaias (Tat meaning Shaman) work alongside the local indigenous community to provide the highest grade cacao possible, grown in the purest conditions and harvested and prepared with love. A ceremonial dose is around 1 – 2 oz of cacao, mixed with water into a drink.


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