Morning Cacao Meditation




You are warmly welcomed to join Willow in a 6 week morning ritual and meditation circle on Thursdays with Cacao, widely known today as chocolate. “There is a reason Cacao has been used medicinally and spiritually for almost 3000 years. This bean known as food of the Gods has more than meets the eye. Cacao is an indulgent sensory fruit that opens the heart chakra and enables you to connect with your inner spirit and wisdom allowing for a deeper meditation experience.” Each class is unique as to what the spirit of the medicine unveils and brings forth in our journey through the practice of inner work, self expression, inner child healing, higher self activation, opening the doors for light to come in to all or specific energy centers or pathways in our mind body and spirit. As we begin each class sipping a warm cacao elixir and clearing out our minds we settle in to letting go and letting in love and light. A variety of healing art practices will accompany the mediation including the healing energetics of sound therapy, pranayama, guided visualization, chakra healing, sacred movement, somatic sounding, prayer, journaling, and art therapy. This class is to get out of your own way, be vulnerable, blossom and activate your highest good, igniting the passion and joy for this reality and life you live. Cacao is not only a super nutritious superfood of the jungle, but an earth medicine that brings you into balance, opening the way for true honest and raw emotions and feelings to unleash, connecting you to your own godspark and oneness with all, and much much more. Open yourself to the magnificent possibilities with your own healing potential and manifestation work.

Begins on Thursday November 15th 9:30am to 11am.

Class location: Yoga at the Crossroads, Wentzville

This 6 week course with Cacao is open to all.

Reserve your space for all 6 weeks for only $90. you are welcome to come to all or most with this prepaid discount.

If you want to drop in you are welcome. Drop ins are $20 per class.


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